Wednesday, 22 April 2015



Different was the day
Different was the scene
Different was the change
Different was the new keen

He stood there on the cliff
recalling his good old days 
when hit with a jolt he returned
where the nightmares made the chase

He recalled how mirth felt
but what he achieved was  a mere try
'cause his world was different now
different was the ended up in cry

He remembered the love 
he felt when he met her
he remembered the hope he built
which now rested in a blur

Differently he thought
to choose a different way
i won't blame him for that
after everything he had to pay

After everything he had to pay
and gain nothing in return 
after putting love and friendship on
the line, and see them make a different turn

Rescued by his different thoughts
He came back to the cliff again
He came back to reality 
where the same winds played a different game

On his face the winds hit
Calling him towards an end
An end which would start a new beginning 
Or perhaps give him back his friend

He leaned with a blank mind
to liberate his thoughts and soul
Its comic he never thought
that his diamonds happened to be coal

His diamonds his love
his friends, for whom he lived and DIED,
but never thought how differently 
they would change...they lied

After him, he got his love
his friends back again
to cry over him with different tears
and forget him after AMEN!

I won't blame them who survive
Nor sympathise the ones who die
I would just mention that 
joy and grief u yourself buy
Coloured bulbs are people
and the world is current
but every time they glow
the colour is DIFFERENT.
                                          -- An Experimental Work By                                                                                                                   Anish Tripathy

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